Don't wait for your customers to tell you that your site is down!

MoSKito Monitoring for Java applications. Complete ecosystem for DevOps. Free & open source.


You are just one annotation away

Inspect and Analyze

Detect problematic spots in your code in seconds

MoSKito Features

  • Multi-purpose

    Collect any performance data

    Threads. Memory. Caches. Storages. Services. Registrations. Payments. Conversion. Partner Performance. SQL. Online Users. Load distribution... Whatever you need!

  • Non-Invasive

    No code change required

    MoSKito is non-invasive: it measures 'around' the monitored code, without changing it. Integration is done via proxies, annotations, inheritance, aop, class loaders or plain calling.

  • Multi-purpose

    Works with your app server

    MoSKito supports all major application servers: Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, Glassfish, WebLogic, Websphere…
    No need to ask 'Does it work with mine?', it does.

  • Monitoring System Kit

    See more with short intervals

    MoSKito is interval-based, using short (5min) & long (24h) monitoring intervals. Shorter intervals are more sensitive to anomalies, providing more understanding about the system’s behavior.

  • Interval based

    Keep your data private

    MoSKito does not use any external servers or resources for processing or storing your app's data. All the collected info is kept locally, ensuring your privacy.

  • Multi-purpose

    Define and watch critical areas

    Set performance boundaries for the most critical parameters of your app with thresholds. Then, monitor their health with a simple alarm system, intuitive as a traffic light.

  • Multi-purpose

    Display data in charts

    Get a powerful visual analytic tool with accumulators.

  • Multi-purpose

    Make app's inner life visible

    Record user actions in the form of actual calls that occur inside your web application with journeys. Get effective live system profiling with no performance impact.

  • Multi-purpose

    Use it on your mobile device

    Get MoSKito App on your iOS device and keep track of your app performance while enjoying your barbecue. Android app is coming soon!


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MoSKito News

31. MAR 2015

2.5.7 - Gauges (change log)

27. FEB 2015

2.5.6 - Its all about Dashboards! (change log)

03. DEC 2013

The ultimate MoSKito Integration Guide is on our blog. All secrets revealed!

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